About Us

Ben’s Truck & Equipment, Inc.(BTE) has been
providing emergency response services since 1980.
BTE has been in operation since 1962, and is well
known in the industry for fast, quality service. We
are licensed General Engineering Contractors in the
states of California and Nevada for clean-up and
transport of hazardous and non-hazardous
contaminated soil. Ben’s Truck & Equipment Inc.
works in conjunction with Bio Industries, Inc., a bio
remediation facility which accepts and treats all
approved non-hazardous and petroleum
contaminated soils.
What we do...

The clean-up of hazardous and toxic waste is performed by an EMERGENCY RESPONSE TEAM at all
sites. The team consists of OSHA SARA certified technicians specially trained in the handling and
management of a wide variety of toxicants. All of our employees have received OSHA SARA training
and annual updates. A specially equipped emergency response van, which contains equipment and
supplies required for cleanup, is on call 24 hours a day.

Ben’s Truck & Equipment, Inc., is capable of recovering both liquid and solid wastes which are
discharged onto land or water surfaces. Solid recovery equipment includes a large inventory of heavy
excavation equipment and a fleet of licensed transports. Vacuum trucks are on call for recovery and
transport of liquid waste. Storage tanks and pumps are mobilized at the site where recovered liquids
may be stored prior to final disposal.

Ben’s Truck & Equipment, Inc., has one of the largest parts department in Northern California and all
equipment is company owned and maintained. Our mechanics are on call to provide crews with round-
the-clock service. All equipment and personnel are available 24 hours a day an are dispatched within
one hour of notification. Due to our large variety of equipment and supplies, BTE is able to provide all
services necessary in the course of clean-up; therefore, eliminating delays and potential mark-up
costs. Additionally, we have helicopter and airplane service at our disposal for immediate access to
spill sites.

We are able to perform on-the-spot analyses of solid and liquid waste with our field testing equipment.
Our equipment can provide immediate on-site quantitative testing for contaminated soil and water.
Utilizing BTE’s services for contaminant analyses saves substantial time and cost.

BTE maintains a large fleet of end dumps for hauling solid waste and 130 barrel vacuum trucks for
liquid waste. Forty foot vans and flatbeds are licensed and available for transport of drummed waste.
We also provide regular drum pick-ups. We are able to transport most solid, semi-solid, and liquid
hazardous and non-hazardous material (excluding Class A explosives and radioactive waste). Our
entire fleet of vehicles is DOT licensed to transport hazardous waste to any designated site in the
United States. All trucks are available and dispatched within one hour of notification.
All drivers are DOT certified and receive continuous training. They are knowledgeable with regard to
EPA described levels of A, B, C, and D safety gear, and are provided with annual physical health

Many solid wastes, such as hydrocarbon contaminated soil, can be classified as non-hazardous in
accordance with the California Department of Health Services, Title 22. Our affiliate, Bio Industries, Inc.,
is able to accept and treat such waste at their 400 acre bio remediation facility, located in Red Bluff,
California. As the Bio Industries, Inc. facility is solely a treatment site and not a landfill, Generators are
not held for long-term, “cradle to grave,” responsibility of the waste. Closure plans are prepared for all
soils which are treated at the facility.

We establish a health and safety program for all clean-up projects to ensure the protection of our
workers and the public. Safety meetings are conducted at the job site, and each site is inspected for
safety and quality of service on a daily basis.

All investigation, design, handling and disposal of hazardous and toxic waste are subject to the
technical requirements of a complex, and often overlapping, standards of environmental regulations. It
is not uncommon for projects to be under the direction of federal, state, and county officials
simultaneously. We are responsible for the required testing, permits, monitoring, and follow-up reports
to each agency, if needed. Our strict management policies assure regulatory compliance with each
action we perform, and we work in cooperation with other contractors and consulting firms.

BTE supplies these additional services:

• Excavation
• Underground construction
• Paving
• Aggregate producer and supplier
• Portable screening operation
• Equipment rental
• Snow removal

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